The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company is an all hazard emergency response agency

for the hamlet of Cottekill located in the towns of Rosendale and Marbletown, Ulster County NY.

Providing Fire & Rescue Emergency Services With 100% Volunteers.


Greetings fellow Cottekillians, 

Like most rural communities, the hamlet of Cottekill is protected against fires and other emergencies, by an all volunteer fire department. What exactly does that mean? The simple answer is none of us are paid to respond to the community's calls for help. 

So how does this work? There is a governing board of fire commissioners that establishes and maintains an operating budget. This budget is funded through taxes to provide the fire trucks, personal protective equipment, and firefighting & rescue tools. It also pays for keeping the lights on, maintaining the fire trucks, the building, and the property. What it does not provide are salaries of any sort. 

So where do the firefighters come from? They come from the community. Your neighbors take time to volunteer so that you have a fire department. There is a steady decline in the volunteer fire service all across the U.S., and Cottekill is no exception. Our current roster is 11 active members. To provide the level of service each of you deserve, we need more members. In Colonial times, every household was required to have a bucket. The basic premise behind this is if your neighbor has a fire you were expected to come help put it out. In return if you ever had a fire, your neighbors would be there for you. The idea of neighbors helping neighbors is still the way things are done today. However now there is no longer a law mandating participation; but when only a handful of people volunteer, the community does not get the service they expect or deserve. The more members we have, the better the service we can provide while spreading the load more manageably amongst the membership.

In closing I urge each and everyone of you, to seriously consider finding time to volunteer, because we need you and you, the community, needs you.


Brad Fiore - Fire Chief

Why Volunteer

Get Involved
By joining Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company, you’re afforded the chance to truly make a difference in your community. This is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding and meaningful. You'll be able to meet residents in your own community and build bonds within the department itself. You may find lifelong friends!

Give Back
Giving back is answering the call when someone is in need. It’s providing the safety and reliability the community needs. It’s the ultimate service to your community. You might think at first that you don’t have the time – until you feel the honor of helping out your neighbors in a way that no one else can when they truly need you. You’ll realize nothing is more worth your time.


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