How your fire company is responding during COVID-19

Members of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company are still responding to you calls for help. We have had to make adjustments to how we respond, but we are still here when you need us. Here is what you can expect when you do call us:

  • Medical Emergencies - Per the request of Marbletown First Aid Unit, the primary EMS agency for the Cottekill Fire District, Fire Company members will assemble at the firehouse and await further orders from the responding ambulance. This reduces the exposure to both the patient, the fire company members and the rescue squad members. 
  • Fires and Rescues - Members will respond without delay to protect life and property. To reduce close contact in the cab of the fire trucks, members may respond with more apparatus than usual with few members on each truck.
  • Fire Alarms and Investigation Incidents - As with Fires and Rescues, more apparatus may show up than usual. Members have been instructed to remain with the fire trucks and the first officer or acting office will make contact with the occupant(s) to conduct an interview. For the safety of the occupant and the officer, the officer will be wearing a face covering and will practice social distancing. We ask that anyone who wishes to interact with the officer also practice social distancing, remaining at least six (6) feet away. Once the officer has all the information needed to address the situation, she/he will assign firefighters tasks. The minimum number of firefighters will be used to complete individual tasks. We ask that you do not approach any of our firefighters while they perform their duties and only interact with the officer in charge. 
We ask that if you have or someone in the residence has tested positive for or are suspected to have COVID-19; you or someone in the residence has had close contact with someone known or suspected of having COVID-19; or have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fever, chills, confusion, recent loss of taste and/or smell) please follow these simple procedures 
  • Tell the 911 dispatcher there is a possible COVID-19 exposure
  • Put on a face covering before first responders arrive
  • Meet first responder outside if possible
  • Tell the first responders when they arrive there is a possible COVID-19 exposure

Firehouse activities during COVID-19

Currently visitors are not aloud in the firehouse. We ask anyone wishing to make contact with the fire company or fire district, do so by using the Contact Us page of this website or call 845-687-7161.

Deliveries and Maintenance - vendors are requested to make contact with the chief or designated representative to make arrangements for deliveries and maintenance. All vendors are required to sign in at the main entrance, complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire, and perform a temperature check.

Members - General

  • General activities at the firehouse have been suspended. 
  • Meetings are held via video/tele conference 
  • Weekly maintenance is limited to two (2) personnel at a time
  • Weekly drills are limited to outdoors only with social distancing 
  • An officer must be present before entering the firehouse for any activity so they can conduct health screening and ensure proper documentation
  • All members must complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire and perform a temperature check prior to participating in any activity

Members - Emergency Response: Members are to assemble as normal with the following adjustments

  • If feeling ill, do not respond
  • If you would answer yes to any question on the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire at the time of the alarm, do not respond
  • Upon arriving at the firehouse, perform a temperature check. If temperature is 100.4F or higher, remove yourself from the firehouse and return home
  • Don PPE while maintaining social distancing as best as possible without delaying response to the emergency.
  • Don a face covering while riding in apparatus
  • Maximum of two (2) members onboard 2311 and a maximum of four (4) members onboard 2312
  • See “How your fire company Is responding during COVID-19” above
Board of Fire Commissioners - 
  • General activities at the firehouse have been suspended. 
  • Meetings are held via video/tele conference

COVID-19 Public Information

The following links are reliable resources for the public to follow during this national crisis

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