Continuing Education

Keeping current on strategies and tactics; advancements in equipment; and learning from our peers is the only way to become better firefighters. This page contains links to membership reference material; training course listings; trade magazines websites; training and on scene videos; books and other professional education materials .Firefighting is a job, not an after school activity. You can't learn this job just by attending Wednesday night drills...Google it, YouTube it, research it, and Pass It On.

Membership Reference BookMRB
Training SchedulesUlster County Fire
 Ulster County EMS
 NYS Fire Academy
Online TrainingVFIS-U
 FEMA - ICS-100 ICS-200 ICS-700 ICS-800
 Lion Academy
 Fire Hero Learning Network
 UL Fire Safety Academy
 International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Academy
 National Fire Academy (NFA) Online
Informational WebsitesFASNY
 NYS Association of Fire Chiefs
 National Volunteer Fire Council
 Firefighter Close Calls
 Fire Apparatus & Equipment
 Fire Engineering
 Fire Rescue
CVFC YouTubeChannel
PennWell BooksBuild your personal library
MagazinesFire Engineering

Registering for Training Classes

Company Training: Every Wednesday (except the 3rd). An Active911 message is sent. We ask that members mark themselves "Avail" or "Unvl" so instructors can properly prepare for the drill. 

Online Training: Students self register through the provider's website. To obtain credit hours and points, forward a copy of your certificate to:

  • Seminars or lectures that do not provide certificates, please take a screen shot of yourself in attendance of the session. Submit Class name and total time of class to
  • VFIS courses are usually assigned by the chief, but members can self assign. There is no need to submit anything. The chief receives a monthly report of all training including certificates. 
NYS Fire Training Courses: Outreach and Fire Academy courses: As of May 1,2021, members must register through the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services (DHSES) Learning Management System (LMS) and also must submit a completed Training Authorization Letter (TAL) to the chief. Registration must be approved by the County Deputy Fire Coordinator in charge of training. This is done through the TAL. Once approved registrants will receive an acceptance email from DHSES LMS. Classes starting prior to 5/1/2021, complete the TAL and send it to the chief.
NYS EMS Courses: Follow the registration instructions of the provider. Submit a copy of your certificate to


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