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Ever say to yourself...
"I'd like to become more involved with my community." or "I wish there was some way I could help my Fire Company."
Well here is the place to start!!!  For women and men ages 16 and above click on the link to our Membership Application Packet. You can save/print the application at home and then just stop in at any regular business meeting, held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM. We are located at 240 Cottekill Road, Cottekill, NY 12419
What is an all hazard emergency response agency?
Fire departments or companies no longer just respond to fires, we respond to a variety of service calls by the public. Less than 10% of what we do involves firefighting. Most of our call volume (40%) is assisting the Marbletown First Aid Unit at medical emergencies. We also handle things like car accidents, rescuing subjects off the rail trail, investigating fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector activations, fuel spills or propane leaks, storm related hazards such as tree or wires down in the roadway, and flooding conditions. 
Where Do I Fit In?
The volunteer fire company in many if not all communities was the center of town like the church. everyone belonged and everyone pitched in. During the 30's, 40's and 50's Cottekill used to host dances and card parties. The 60's and 70's brought bizzars and chicken BBQs. We had great pancake breakfasts and spagettie dinners through the 80's and 90's, but with fewer and fewer volunteers we now conduct the anual Santa run and an open house during Fire Prevention Week. Plain and simple your community needs you... Your fire company needs you... You need You!!!!!
The following is a list of positions/activites that need to be filled or supplimented. 
Interior Firefighter (fighting all kinds of fires from buildings to cars to brush)
Exterior Firefighter (helping with equipment on the scene of emergencies)
Apparatus Driver/Operator (driving fire trucks and operating the pump)
Medical Personnel (EMT, CFR, Heartsaver)
Fire Police (traffic and crowed control, scene security)
Rehab Personnel (setting up rest stations and refreshments for firefighters)
Building and Grounds Maintenance (cleaning, general maintenance of the facility and the property)
Office Staff
Public Education

WE NEED YOU! - A message from the members of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company


To learn more view the other videos posted below; send us a message via our Contact page; or download an Application right here.

IS THERE A FIRE IN YOU? - See some of our members in action


We Teach, We Train, We Serve Together. Being a volunteer firefighter is hard work, but very rewarding. Not all members run into burning buildings. There are many jobs to be filled on an emergency scene. So if you have the desire to give back to your community, want to help your neighbors in their most desperate time of need; then consider making the commitment to be a volunteer with the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company. 

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE - At all of our calls, no matter how routine they may be to us, we are making a difference in people's lives.

It would't be fair to let you think that all we do is fight big fires and rescue babies. Fortunately, there are not many times when we are called to incidents of that severity. The majority of what we do is much less intense. But no matter how "routine" the majority of our work may be to us, we know that it isn't routine for those who called us. We happen to think our brother, NY volunteer firefighter Mark Bezos, in his TED Talk, does a great job of telling the story of how even the small things we do make a big difference in the lives of neighbors and strangers alike in their time of need. Your Community Needs You!

TAKE A TOUR - You may have seen our sign out at the edge of Cottekill Rd or even walked past the firehouse while out for a walk on the rail trail. Here you can see what's inside and get a up close look at our new Engine 12!



A DIVERSE MEMBERSHIP - Our volunteers are diverse in age, backgrounds, and occupations. Women and men of all ages are encouraged to volunteer! Meet our members here. Click on their name to read more about them. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - We know you have a lot of questions, and we are here to answer them. You can reach us by our Contact page or send a direct email to You may want to look over our FAQs. They might answer some of your questions or spark some new ones. We encourage the community to engage a conversation with us. 

BENEFITS OF VOLUNTEERING - Collectively we could all probably say the biggest benefit is the satisfaction of helping our neighbors, but each member has their own reasons for joining. We have put together some of the other Benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company.


Greetings fellow Cottekillians, 

I want to first thank you for visiting us at our Virtual Open House. Strange times call for some unique way to reach out to the community we serve. The members of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company recognize and thank you for your support in the past. They have put together this event to ask you for a different type of support. Like most rural communities, the hamlet of Cottekill is protected against fires and other emergencies, by an all volunteer fire department. What exactly does that mean? The simple answer is none of us are paid to respond to the community's calls for help. 

So how does this work? There is a governing board of fire commissioners that establishes and maintains an operating budget. This budget is funded through taxes to provide the fire trucks, personal protective equipment, and firefighting & rescue tools. It also pays for keeping the lights on, maintaining the fire trucks, the building, and the property. What it does not provide are salaries of any sort. 

So where do the firefighters come from? They come from the community. Your neighbors take time to volunteer so that you have a fire department. There is a steady decline in the volunteer fire service all across the U.S., and Cottekill is no exception. Our current roster is 14 active members. To provide the level of service each of you deserve, we need more members. In Colonial times, every household was required to have a bucket. The basic premise behind this is if your neighbor has a fire you were expected to come help put it out. In return if you ever had a fire, your neighbors would be there for you. The idea of neighbors helping neighbors is still the way things are done today. However now there is no longer a law mandating participation. But when only a handful of people volunteer, the community does not get the service they expect or deserve. The more members we have, the better the service we can provide while spreading the load more manageably amongst the membership.

In closing I urge each and everyone of you, to seriously consider finding time to volunteer, because we need you and you the community need you.


Brad Fiore - Fire Chief

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