About us

As the name implies, we are an all volunteer fire department. The membership is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to train for and respond to emergencies within the 2½ square mile hamlet of Cottekill. We are a diverse group, family, of women and men who are actors, accountants, general laborers, massage therapists, machinists, retail sales associates, retirees, and students alike. When there is an emergency, we leave our jobs, get up from the dinner table, miss holiday and social events, to answer the call for help. We do this because the community needs us to. Without volunteers these calls for help would go unanswered. 

The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company operates out of one station with two fire trucks, one rescue-engine and one engine-tanker. We are primarily trained to fight fires, but we are an all hazard mitigation agency. If you don't need an ambulance or the police, people generally call the fire department. We strive to provide the best service possible to our community by training to provide medical care for the sick and injured, operations level hazardous material and hazardous condition mitigation, public service assistance, and fire prevention & life safety education.

Mission Statement 


The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company is committed to minimizing the loss of life, property damage, and the impact on the environment, during emergency and non-emergency situations that arise within the hamlet of Cottekill, and when called upon to assist surrounding communities. We achieve this with the highest degree of professionalism and caring service without doing harm. 


Professional, Empathetic, Safety Conscious 



Vision statement 


It is the vision of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company to build stronger community support, provide quality and progressive training to its members, and sustain an efficient and effective emergency response team, all to reliably serve our community. 


Capable, Reliable, Effective 



Value Statement 


The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company developed its Mission and Vision Statements based on a set of core values. These values drive the organization to promote a positive team atmosphere, keep things in perspective, and always “do the right thing.” The values foster a R.I.C.H. environment within the organization.  


Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Humility 

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